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Utah Live Concerts Foundation (ULCF)

Frequently Asked Questions

February 2021

What is Utah Live Concerts Foundation (ULCF)?

We are a group of music industry veterans rockin’ regional venues for community benefit; the same folks that have produced magical music festivals over the years. Like most fans in your community, we love well-performed classic rock. Our deep backstage production team allows us to manage concert or festival events of any size. 

Why do we need ULCF?

Utah Live Concerts provides professional, affordable family friendly events that are cause related and advance communities, with a special focus on meeting the needs of the underserved. We align with corporate sponsors and 501c3 non-profit organizations to benefit marginalized folks in your area. Our critical connections include dozens of bands and hundreds of skilled musicians ready to rock ANY sized venue!

Who owns ULCF?

ULCF is not owned by one person, nor is it solely owned by one person or group of investors. The intention of ULCF is to provide professionally managed music events that provide clean, family entertainment for community benefit. 

Is ULCF a non-profit?

Yes, ULCF is a 501c3 organization. Most events will involve generous sponsors to cover expenses with the goal of providing excellent quality events using top quality sound, stage, lighting, and video equipment. Such related expenses along with promotion, commemorative t-shirts, prizes, social media management etc are usually covered by sponsors, grants, or venue resources. The board of directors will pay related vendor expenses before any remaining funds may be dispersed to board members as reimbursement. It is planned that excess funds will be retained to fund future invents. 

Who runs ULCF?

Utah Live Concerts Foundation is managed by seasoned, local professionals with all the proven resources to plan, collaborate, and execute unique, fun, and cause-related community musical events in Utah. These include Touring-grade Sound Engineering & Equipment, Web Design/Creation, Stage Design & Management, Public Relations, Sales & Sponsorship Procurement, and Graphic Arts. Board members may rotate on and off the board based on need. 

Is ULCF a 501c3?

ULCF has been granted 501c3 status. We align with charitable organizations to raise funds that benefit marginalized populations or special needs groups; provide education value for youth; support community initiatives that match their service goals. 

Does the board of directors make money from ULCF?

Each board member loves music and musical performance. Music is our prime passion along with the opportunity to serve Utah communities. While the 501c3 model does allow for potential revenue for board members, most board members will receive a small fraction of the value of services rendered. At this time board members are only refunded expenses.

How is ULCF funded?

Our goal is to keep fan costs to a minimum through sponsorships. Generous volunteers provide immense value with little or no cost to fans. 

Does ULCF own venues or property? 

ULCF owns no real estate or venue property. Cities, neighborhoods, or corporations provide event venues and provide the associated insurance costs. 

How does the community benefit from ULCF?

Most folks love music events and festivals. We strive to meet that need with low cost, high value events. While we definitely lean towards classic rock performance, we expect to include a variety of musical genres including alternative rock, blues, ska, R&B, and country. 

Are ULCF events safe?

ULCF planners seek to make festivals absolutely fantastic fun for fans, volunteers, and musicians. We also seek to make it safe and comfortable for as many attendees as possible, aligning carefully with state guidelines for social distancing, masks, and hygiene. Therefore, we implement strict safety guidelines for volunteers and musicians planning to assist or play at ULCF managed events. Safety protocols are coordinated with local health departments. 

What is the ULCF connection with Geezerfest?

Many ULCF board members have served to produce other successful events like Geezerfest events in recent years. We do not currently have a relationship with Geezerfest and wish them every future fortune. Our board members have played key roles in other musical events like the Utah Blues Festival, Blue Family ‘Fun’raiser and Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise to name a few.