2023 Orem Come Together Rock Festival

Please download this poster to print copies and pass out or hang up wherever you can to spread the word! Download Poster FridayAugust 18SaturdayAugust 192:00pmEvolution9:45amFlag Ceremony2:50pmThunderbuck Ram10:00amYouth Bands1: Mucus2: The Knuckleheads3:40pmSone Stone10:50amAlpine Highway4:30pmTotem11:40amThe Tri-Chevys5:20pmBone Band Ft. Gina Osmond12:30pmAnd Beyond6:10pmEverett Lincoln1:20pmDenovo7:00pmRuse2:10pmShufflin’ Noah7:50pmThe Klick3:00pmBandaged8:40pmMoe Low3:50pmParadox4:40pmGeneva Road5:30pmSeasoned Amnesia6:20pmFlashback Brothers7:10pmMade For Midnight8:00pmDark Chikin8:50pmMonkey Friday

2021 Vendor Application Payson Here Comes The Sun

Vendor Application To submit an application to be a vendor at the Payson Here Comes The Sun Rock Festival simply download the PDF file and follow the instructions in the PDF. Download Link -> Vendor Application