2023 Payson Here Comes The Sun Rock Festival

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2023 Payson Here Comes The Sun Festival Poster

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Band Lineup

FridayJune 23SaturdayJune 24
2:00pmWelcome9:20amFlag Ceremony
2:05pmBad Idea9:30amRory Childs Youth Bands
1: Distrupter
2: LemonFern
2:30pmMidlife Crisis10:30amPorcupine Shine
3:30pmBone Band11:30amThe Tri-Chevys
4:30pmWhiskey Dilemma12:30pmAlpine Highway
6:30pmShufflin’ Noah2:30pmHartley Road
7:30pmMonkey Friday3:30pmGeneva Road
8:30pmEverett Lincoln4:30pmSone Stone
5:30pmDark Chikin
7:30pmMoe Low


    1. Dang rights… and that drummer killed it. Can’t wait to see them in Orems Come Together festival in August. ????????????

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